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Sunday, May 16th, 2010

WINTER 2010 – Around the World in Eighteen Days

My first round the world trip was a dream come true, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure across 9 countries. I am already planning my second itinerary for early 2011, meanwhile, I have just put the finishing touches to a beautiful book of my first round the world trip: Around The World In 18 Days: An Fresh Look at Some of the World’s Most Exciting Destinations. 7″ x 9″, hardcover, 100 pages, over 200 full color original photographs, and a freshly edited version of the travel blog I wrote along the way with detailed itinerary notes and helpful tips. Click here to visit the book web site, and email me for more information!

AUGUST 2010 – Now Posted48 Hours in San Francisco!
A quick spin down to the city by the bay, and some fun pics and helpful information to share along the way!

JUNE, 2010 – DESTINATIONS SPINFACTORWe’ve just completed the first phase of’s SpinFactor, rating destinations based on Traveler Independence. Can you walk around to most attractions? Is it safe at night? How much does it cost to get to and from the airport? Is public transportation good, and is it affordable? Does the climate (weather and political!) suit walking, or do I need to take taxis/organized tours? All these factors affect your independence, your experience, your freedom to explore, so we rated destinations based on research and experience to try to provide a general guide to the approachability and visitor-friendliness of a destination. These ratings will be updated regularly to reflect changing politics, new research and any data we can find that will help you to know more about a place. We’re also tracking the top tourist destinations, most expensive cities and average hotel costs! Check it out, let us know what you think.

Thanks for checking out the Travel Blog. We’re here to help you find out more about traveling your world. Please contact us with your feedback and travel tips, we’d love to hear from you. Email us here…At, find out all about global destinations with our interactive World Map and Destination Guide designed to help you find out more about places around the world, and find easy ways to get there. It’s free, and fun to use — and it’ll soon be available for iPhone! Best of all, we’re giving you the World! If you sign up for our monthly travel newsletter, you’ll be entered to win a super cool free inflatable globe – we’re giving away 20 a month. Sign up today!

A selection of snaps from our recent Round the World Spin. Check out the gallery by clicking above and don’t miss the destination travel blogs: Hong Kong, Singapore, Cairo and Istanbul!Well, what a trip! Nine countries. Eleven airports. Nine train stations. Eighteen days. Paris, the perfect bookend to a wonderful spin around the world! Read all about it, After an exhilarating stay in London, the final report from Paris posted in 96 Hours across Europe by train. Rail Europe made the Europe train segment flawless.

Azumano Travel made the flying segments a breeze. hotel booking and discounts made that part of the trip not only meet my expectations, but in most cases exceed them. I did all my research at, which is about the most valuable travel reference site out there. I’ve learned a lot about airlines trains, airports and travel essentials, some of which has made it into the individual destination blogs, the rest will be compiled into a more comprehensive travel tips guide coming soon. Thanks for following along on this amazing trip!

Read all the destination blogs here…

APRIL 29 – 48 Hours in Hong Kong

MAY 1 – 48 Hours in Singapore

MAY 4 – 48 Hours in Cairo

MAY 8 – 48 Hours in Istanbul

MAY 14 – Final stops on the world tour: Venice, Zurich, Bruges, London and Paris!
96 hours Across Europe by Train


Monday, May 10th, 2010

APRIL 29 - 48 Hours in Hong Kong
MAY 1 - 48 Hours in Singapore
MAY 4 – 48 Hours in Cairo
MAY 8 - 48 Hours in Istanbul
MAY 14 – Final stops on the world tour! 96 hours Across Europe by Train